It’s just a hobby, but very often I run out of plants and stock. I sometimes buy some fish food there or some bloodworms to feed my fish, and I also take my dog there for advanced training classes to do Jumping Through the Hoop Tricks. 4-other variety of goldfish-usual cost around 4 dollars. Freshwater Aquarium Fish Forum. Neither in my area sell common guppies, or feeder guppies. I started a new tank after April's dollar per gallon sale at Petco. Many Walmart stores sell pet fish. Thanks to those that help. IN STOCK. According to, each and every guppy should have at least one gallon per guppy. Does anyone do a tank for profit? The general fish club to which I belong has monthly auctions at their meetings, and two public auctions throughout the year. I bought some just the other day here in Florida for a couple dollars apiece and they’re very nice colored ones that are pretty popular. If you have any local aquarium clubs you can join, you may be able to trade or sell to other club members. I sell aquatic plants, guppies and shrimp locally. And the fact that these fish breed so often makes them even easier to get for cheap. May 4, 2017. bekahc. We make it easy to create the perfect underwater community of beautiful pet fish with: angelfish, GLO®Fish species in a wide array of colors, tiger barbs and other barbs, South American and African cichlids, an amazing selection of colorful guppies, striking bettas, schooling tetras, and invertebrates like snails, ghost shrimp and hermit crabs. The city I go to when I see those guppies is Palo Alto, California. It’s ridiculous. Anonymous. Source(s): If you get into some online forums and clubs you will be able to eventually find these fish for very cheap if not even free if your willing to take baby fry. (Fry are baby fish) 1) A fancy guppy is $7.00 not including tax. Still have questions? Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates. Piranha Fish Aquarium Size? My current tank, jars and fish food were bought with profits I made by selling from the previous tank. Normally it’s just groups of 6 random gender fish — picture is from an ad on eBay of someone selling tank raised platies except their reviews for fish health aren’t that great even tho it seems they always sell all their fish. (Fry are baby fish). Sorry that the quality is so bad I recorded with my iPod 4th gen and it does not have good quality Don't forget to like and subscribe. They offered to pretty much order it off the site and ship to the store. Petsmart Goldfish. They sell more types males then females and have many colors. Shopping for fish: Fish may be purchased online at several locations including Aquarium and Live . 6 reviews of Petco "My senior cat is much better because I started going to this store. *Awarded Answer COVID update: Petco has updated their hours and services. But then I remembered how much I bought them fo lol. A good rule of thumb is one gallon of water for every one inch of full-grown fish. she said that they where just king betta fish. Shipping available anywhere in India with live guarantee. Is This A Guppy? Petsmart sells both male and female guppies. If you produce more at high quality, forge another relationship with another store. I’ve seen a single guppy sell for $300 but that was a very rare species and breeders were fighting over the fish. Under good conditions fathead minnows live 5-8 years and goldfish 20 years. Well, I don't have any guppies, though I have a goldfish, and I bought that from a local pet store. For more details on Walmart fish prices, see below. (Poecilia reticulata) Starting at $15.99. Granted, it’s been a while since I asked, and it was plant trimmings, but the closest mom and pop fancied itself a chain and had the same policies regarding home-breds. When the fish are smaller in size it is easier to keep them in a smaller aquarium. I can’t remember what I paid years ago and I want to get a bunch of them too. What Size Needed? The guppy (Poecilia reticulata), also known as millionfish and rainbow fish, is one of the world's most widely distributed tropical fish and one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species.It is a member of the family Poeciliidae and, like almost all American members of the family, is live-bearing. I would highly suggest it if you have children too because I personally feel it gives children great moral values to raise babies like this but that’s my personal opinion. A Petsmart opens there. What is a fish? Where available, Walmart fish prices range from under $1 to about $12, depending on the species. Petco policy is to match their own web pricing. Saves on running cost and feeding. They told me today that they won’t take any locally from anyone either. Exactly… I have 2 batches of gup fry and 1 batch of platy fry right now in a 20 gal with 3 more prego gups and a prego swordtail so ill be over run soon.. Member. What is a good price or cost to count on for buying these fish. ...Show more. I’m picky about my chain stores I look through all the tanks first before even thinking of buying, I want to make sure they’re clean. My question is how much do guppies cost on average? Posted by Sarah Noodah: I was going to a local small shop but ah last time I went almost every tank had been exposed to something a lot of fish were getting dropsy so I stopped buying and haven’t gone there for 6 months. Restaurants. Yeah, they’re the one who said ‘we no longer do that’, in regards to their fluval spec tanks being priced about 20% higher in-store. The fish themselves cost as little as $0.10 each at pet stores (or as much as $25 for fancy guppies), the flaked food they require is inexpensive, and if you pick up a used tank and filter, you'll have your aquarium set up for hardly any cost at all. I personally would rather support the at home small personal businesses then the big chain stores. Any less and the females are constanly being hassled by the males! Well, my lps is petland, and you guys should see the condition they are in now. The average guppy that you buy at your local fish shop is going to cost a couple of U.S. dollars each. Petco is a pet store that sells supplies for numerous kinds of companion animals and fish and aquarium supplies. But apparently, Petsmart and Petco do sell guppies. A lot of guppy keepers have the problem of having too many fish and they need to give them away. The blog also mentioned that when you’re raising trios, try to keep at least 4 gallons for the best results for your guppies. A ten-gallon aquarium will hold 8-12 fish, if they stay small. Letting things fix itself. You can still sell on line if you want but only if you want to and never in the city where you have your main store in. Browse Petco's selection of Guppies for sale. Do both, find a store that is willing to actually pay and then to not step on their toes sale another strain online. If you have quality they’re always buying. With moving your fish and the amount of space, I would bet lack of space and oxygen was your problem. So 2 weeks later I received the rest of the fish. The females only have one type. I’ve never seen such messed up fish as their guppies, it’s sad really. Posted by Tricia Rayse: Posted by Ken Xiung: 2) A common guppy is $4.00 not including tax. IN STOCK. If you go to your local fish shop you should only have to count on paying a couple of dollars per fish. one tank can hold only so much. This can cause stress related illness like white spot, and can even cause the female to miscarry. If your willing to be patient, you could just start out with buying 4 guppies and letting them breed to have more. How Much Do Fish Cost at Walmart? Source (s): Have kept and bred bettas, and work in a pet store. I just found these and they aren’t expensive, I’ve also never seen anything like these so might buy them. 9 guppies in a 1 gal is way too many fish. If you really want to make money breed the things everyone needs for a tank. ive seen a local fish seller doing that in his backyard. Let me know if you have any further questions. In most cases though, guppies are very common and easy to find for cheap. Good Luck anyways. Posted by Kevin Nash: You can sign in to vote the answer. Piranha Fish Aquarium Size. It really depends on who you’re planning to sell them to and if you’re trying to make money from it or just unload them. A flake food diet is a good base for the Guppy, but should ideally be supplemented with live food. The best ratio with any live bearing species is 4 -1 though most people use 3 - 1. Tubes of waste dangling behind the fish are a sign of a blocked intestine from overeating. What can I do about this? Assorted Guppy, Female. Topic: I’ve kept guppies in the past with great luck and I want to get some more. But again it depends on what you’re trying to do. You could call them and get the exact price. Minimum aquarium size should be 10 gallons. My pet store guppies make it over 2 years, one female almost 4 years. I have never seen a petco or smart NOT sell guppies. 1) A fancy guppy is $7.00 not including tax. Guppies are incredibly easy to keep alive. It’s pretty crazy. Livebearers should be kept in a large aquarium, with surface area being more important than depth. The LPS sells them in my town for $7.99 per pair. That is at least a 30 minute drive away and produce for 2. When you’re buying guppies it breaks down to how exotic the species is and what and where they came from. That is of course using US currency and not another country because I’m not sure how tough desire to find another countries. I have a 20 gallon aquarium and I’m setting it up right now. But apparently, Petsmart and Petco do sell guppies. I can understand why people would rather buy from home tank raised instead of pet store shipped ones but no one wants to pay $50+ when they could go buy $15 at the local shop cause either way it’s 50/50 on survival rate. Not ideal! EB. My lfs sells them for 3.00 each I sell them for. Does shark fit that definition. Need some advise from our expert breeders,Which is more profitable: selling to pet stores (lot’s of guppies but at a lower price) or selling trios(selling least but at a higher price) thanks in advance. It’s recommended that guppies are kept in trios. Posted by Danny K: Only time i go to anychain store is for feeders for my crawfish. These are Petco's prices-I don't know about Petsmart. Then not having enough space would do the same. I haven't bought any guppies but I work at Petsmart with fish near Seattle Washington. Petco offers a good range of guppies, including some unusual variants and gorgeous colors. Lv 4. Freshwater Fish. I tend to stay away from chain stores i go to a mom and pop family owned store now. Keep with Other Fish, Flowerhorn Not Eating, Head Shrinking, Not Active. 4 years ago. It's very important to do some research on the fish you want to get, especially on what size of tank you need to get them, they can grow really really big. I'd feed her a brand-name cat food I bought at a grocery store, and half the time she'd throw up right after eating. Petco Goldfish. Petco Freshwater Fish 3 $4.99 Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species. I looked in the tanks of each store and saw fish that were sucked to the filter, with ich, and others that simply couldnt swim anymore. I like to wait for them to go on sale for $1 a piece and then I will buy like 20 of them for my huge community tank. Based on my calculations, you can get the cost down to as low as $48.88 if you go for the least expensive options in each category and leave off the store-bought extras. But don't expect to get very much … I was thinking of platies, seeing I can never find simple platies online for sale at a reasonable price where they have pairs / trio’s. They have been bred for a variety of colors, patterns & fin shapes. They sell adults and fry. The internet ones make it about 6 months. My goldfish is laying at the bottom and one is at the top, any help? Petco - Updated COVID-19 Hours & Services - 34 Photos & 46 Reviews - Pet Stores - 475 S Wadsworth, Lakewood, CO - Phone Number - Yelp. There are guppies that are ugly and not much “fancy” to even be considered and then there beautiful bright and vibrant colored ones. Some guppy owners only feed their fish 6 days a week, letting them go hungry on the seventh for their health. You can buy fish at a real bargain here. They really are! All India Shipping, Live Guarantee Finally, You are at the right place Buy import quality guppy fish online, breed in Kerala. All food should be consumed after just a few minutes. Petco, Pet World Warehouse Outlet, and Pet Supermarket all accept fish surrenders. I'd only consider breeding though if you know that you can find homes for the fry. You have no shipping costs or headache and your relationship is always stronger. I had someone sell me trimmings the other day and just paid shipping.. Hes looking for female gups so when mine mature im paying it forward to him and sending him a few females. Can anyone identify this piece of carnival glass? 1.00 each and am doing well with that price. if u want to make some serious profit, u need to do it on a larger scale. Thank you, I always thought they were way too much but I think this is my only store with in hour of driving time. If your store isn’t, ask to speak to the general manager. I like the fact that people are telling you to try to induce the fact of trying to take care of some babies because it’s an awesome thing to do. If I was you I'd either buy 2 more females or just buy 1 male. Petco and Petsmart also sell fish, aquariums and supplies. Logged in this journal with each litter of fish coded by tank. If I was selling to a LFS I would sell them on the cheaper side, if I was selling them individually to people I’d charge a little more. These fish were worse then our local wal-mart's fish look sometimes. Sunset Guppy, Male. Live or frozen brine shrimp is a popular Guppy fish food since brine shrimp is very easy to produce at home. If you are breeding guppies with stable line or pure breed with high quality you can sell it from $20 to $60 per pair or trio. I couldn’t agree more with that statement because I feel it’s one of the coolest things ever done in my life and I still enjoy ten years later. My store carries red tuxedo, lyre tail, blue tuxedo, blonde, yellow, sunrise, and fancy (usually mutts) guppy males. Adult male guppies develop a "potbelly" or bulging chest if they have too much fat in their diet. If you are breeding guppies with stable line or pure breed with high quality you can sell it. You’ll sell a lot less trios but get more money but also sell a lot more to a pet store for low price so doing both would maximize profits, breeders determine prices by conformation of the fish, if that particular strain has won any rewards, if the fish are cull quality, and by how much they want to get rid of them without killing the fish to make room for new batches of fry or to have more grow out room for a. Jeremy Miller these are from Stephen Kwartler at Showguppies dot com. what city did u buy yur guppies in and when was the last time you were there and saw them. Craig's list is another option for selling your guppies. I ordered 4 trios of fish from Guppy Train. And they were much nicer than what I see in stores. It’s not a lot of $$, but enough to pay for the hobby. also how much is a fancy and a common guppy? I got a guppy trio [1 male, 2 females] a few weeks ago for just $1 for all 3 fish. I think the males are 2.99 and the females are 2.49 or something like that. Both sites have policies against the sale of animals, but Craigslist does allow rehoming fees and Facebook groups have been created to foster rehoming pets. CNZ Aquarium Decor Fish Tank Decoration Ornament Artificial Plastic Plant Green (8.3-inch Green). Coronavirus continues to ravage parts of the world, Sean Hannity caught vaping after commercial break, Teen Vogue editor resigns amid uproar over past tweets, Don't make this mistake with your $1,400 stimulus check, Biden trips, falls climbing stairs on Air Force One, 'Conners' crew member dies on set after 'medical event', Strong reaction to vaccine may signal prior infection, Armie Hammer accused of 'violently' raping woman, Why LSU coach Will Wade is so upset with Dick Vitale, ‘Wheel’ champ donates $145K in winnings to charity. Assorted Guppy, Male. Guppy. That was my first thought, $1.00. How do you think about the answers? I would do both. Once my tank starts getting to crowded with platy guppies and swordtails i think ill prob sell within the usa and sell them for fair prices by the pair or trio… Ive looked online and some are just outrageous prices. Their bio-load is so small that they are easy to bulk up in large numbers. Tank Shape. I have gone to Petco and was looking at the betta's (I always do I use to breed them) and I notice a couple of them looking like Females (short fins and other characteristics) and I told the lady working there "uh, why are these females put in King Betta fish male tanks?" Their fins are so torn up, it looks like something is eating them. These fish breed so fast and that shouldn’t be happening but I do see beginners make the mistake. Plus they look awesome in huge numbers. Fish_LOVER_101 1 year ago I know that they are easy to breed, but i feel like one buck is kinda cheep. Thanks @JeffK I found not only my somewhat local Petco but also some other LFS's in my area by using their "Locate a Pet Shop" feature, Zip Code: 03785, Distance: 40 Miles.I know for a fact that "Aquarealm Aquarium" and "Lebanon Pet & Aquarium" also buy from FishMart Inc (a wholesale/distributor in CT). Don’t produce a thousand if you can only sell 500 a year. Hope that helps. Get your answers by asking now. Posted by Shawn Mathews: 3 1? Posted by Danielle R: I contacted them immediately and was told a day later that they may have made a mistake and that they would ship the rest of the fish. But they want to charge 8.00 a pair, it’s awful. 2-fancy goldfish small-3 dollars. -----------. Betta fish, for example, cost $4 to $6, while goldfish range from $0.30 to $5. 1-fancy goldfish large- 7 dollars. Food for Betta fish runs about $1.50 for a 3-ounce container; goldfish flakes cost $2-$3. But these fish can easily grow 28 inches long … Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Bottom line: Research the fish you’re considering before you buy them to make sure that their size and behavior suits a 5-gallon tank. Livebearers. Doctors’ offices and schools may take a pet donation, or you can post the fish on Craigslist or Facebook. If you live in a large city, go to some online forums and search for sections where fish are sold. It will even out. The females were I work are about 2-3 bucks, males 3-4 depending on the variety. Before, I would get home from work and she'd be at the opposite side of the house, asleep under the bed and not very responsive. If a person is spending $5 a fish I feel that is way too much. Hopefully that helps you some. Sounds like an alright price I sell em $3 Just depends on the type like at the petbarn over here in Aus the red blonds r $7 each so I sell em at $3 each. I don't think people should flush dead fish down a toilet. The downside is, your customers will be limited only to serious hobbyist that would also want high quality guppies and join shows. I was thinking $2.00 each or $3.50 a pair, but I thought I would ask here first. If not, you are feeding your Guppy too much food in one serving. As long as your not buying rare species lines that are worth hundreds for “breeding” purposes they will be pretty cheap. They sell adults and fry. Moving fish can be very stressful on them.