In its 2015-2016 yearbook, Pakistan MoDP listed the development and construction of a Indigenous 01 Midget submarine. Pakistan Navy contracted for the two YARMOOK class Corvettes in 2017. [38] The operation ended with limited damage to the area. KARACHI: Pakistan Navy celebrated the 49th Hangor Day on Wednesday. [221], The Navy Special Service Group follows the Army Special Service Group's authorised uniform and wears the U.S. Woodland (M81) uniform while the Pakistan Marines have their own woodland pattern featuring light brown, olive green and blue shapes on a tan or light olive background. [26]:46 Furthermore, the Navy's procurement was greatly determined by its war role and it had to struggle for a role for itself throughout its history from its beginning. [26]:58 The Ayub administration did not increase the financial funding of the navy at the expense to army and air force but he did not object to American contributions to train the Pakistan Navy in submarine operations. [162]:4, From 1947 till 2019, there has been ten Pakistani military officers and enlisted personnel who have achieved this feat/or have honoured with this prestigious medal— out of which, nine recipients have came from the Pakistan Army while there is only one recipients from the Pakistan Air Force, that are bestowed with this prestigious medal. Pakistan Navy has formally commissioned PNS Tabuk into its fleet. [109], Responding to the development of the INS Arihant, the Pakistan Navy reportedly announced the launch of the nuclear powered submarine program to counter the submarine threat in 2012. [26]:63 In 1968, the Daphné-class submarines were procured from France while operating Tench-class submarines that was refitted and upgraded by the Turkish Navy. [164][165][166], The Surface Fleet, established in 1947, is a pivotal component of the Navy with crucial role in maintaining the military balance with the Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean, taking part in multinational task forces to prevent seaborne terrorism and piracy. The Pakistan Navy’s tiny surface fleet is looking to expand and challenge India. [28]:97–98[122]:94, Since 1971 the Navy tactical doctrine has included the acquisition, development, employment, and aggressive deployment of the long-range and depth reaching submarines in an effort to target and destroy its adversaries by attacking surface warships before reaching the country's ports. Commissioned in 1969, it served Pakistan Navy with honour till her decommissioning in 2006. The newly built Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) TABUK joined the naval fleet after its commissioning ceremony was held at Black Sea port of Constanta, Romania. Pakistan Navy had contracted for the two YARMOOK class Corvettes in 2017. Pakistan fully endorse the requirements of a strong navy, capable of safeguarding Pakistan's sea frontiers and her Lines of Communication, monitoring and protecting her exclusive economic zone. [127], The rank hierarchy in Navy is divided in three categories: junior officers, senior officers, and star officers— the Junior officers are those in pay grade scale of OF-1 to OF-3 while the senior officers are in scale of OF-4 to OF-5 and the star officers are in the pay grade scale from OF-6 to above OF-9. [38], The Pakistan Navy explored the idea of installing Russian missile system on former British frigates but Soviets refrained from doing so due to objections from India. According to Radio Pakistan, he said that a fleet of more than fifty vessels, including twenty major ships, was envisioned to improve the capabilities of the Navy. According to Radio Pakistan, he said that a fleet of more than fifty vessels, including twenty major ships, was envisioned to improve the capabilities of the Navy. [26]:144 In 1985, the Navy bought the Mirage 5V aircraft for the naval role and were equipped with the Exocet A39 missile that gives the capability of sea denial to the Pakistan Navy. PNS Tabuk, a corvette of about 2,300 tonnes, was commissioned on November 12 and left for Karachi, Pakistan's only major port from Port Constanta in Romania. The warship is equipped with state-of-the-art weapon and defense systems and is capable of … Leadership in the Navy is provided by the Minister of Defense, leading and controlling the direction of the department of navy from the Naval Secretariat-II at the Ministry of Defense, with the Defense Secretary who is responsible for the bureaucratic affairs of the army's department. The submarine fleet of Pakistan navy consists of five diesel-electric submarines and three MG110 miniature submarines. [46] This serious friendly fire incident resulted in further loss of navy personnel, as well as the loss of the ship, which was severely damaged and the Pakistan Navy's operational capabilities were now virtually extinct, and morale plummeted. The launching ceremony for the ship was held at China's Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard. [151], The PNS Hameed, commissioned in 2017, is an ELF and a VLF facility near the Karachi coast, while the Karachi-based PNS Iqbal and the PNS Qasim serves for the operational activities dedicated for the Navy Special Service Group and the Marines Corps. [194] The Navy also operates two coastal tankers that were indigenously designed and locally built at the Karachi Shipyard— PNS Gwadar and PNS Kalmat— commissioned in 1984 and in 1992. [63]:61 In 1973, the Navy NHQ was permanently moved to Islamabad to provide synergy with the Army GHQ in Rawalpindi. The French-built Breguet Atlantique making a landing in 2011. searched for: pakistan navy fleet Pakistan conducts live anti-ship missile test in Arabian Sea It is a low flying, terrain hugging missile, which carries certain stealth features and is capable of carrying various types of warheads. [104], For external billets appointment, the federal government takes the senior leadership of the Navy as secondment to manage the federal institutions such as the Karachi Port Trust, Port of Karachi, and the Port of Gwadar. [174][175][176] In addition, the 10th Patrol Squadron has commissioned the two Jurrat-class missile boats based on the German-designed and two missile boat based on the from the Turkish design, MRTP. [44], According to one Pakistan scholar, Tariq Ali, the Pakistan Navy lost half its force in the war. [26]:185, By 1997, the controversy over the technology transfer from France had tarnished the public image of the Navy with the arrest of naval chief when several cases were levelled on political and military leadership of the Navy. [104] In 2002, the Navy filed a civil lawsuit to refrain the Bahria Town using its name for profiteering– the lawsuit was eventually settled in civil court in favour of Navy in 2018. [180][181][182][183], Established in 1964, the Submarine Command is a major component of the Navy whose primary mission is to conduct clandestine military reconnaissance for intelligence and carry out precision strikes on enemy positions from underwater during war. [108], The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), an appointed four-star rank admiral, is a principal military adviser on the naval/maritime security affairs to the Federal government and is a senior member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JCSC)— a military body that advises and briefs the elected civilian Prime Minister and its executive cabinet on national security affairs and operational military matters under the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. [3]:73, The Pakistan Navy offers the wide range of lucrative careers to the high school graduates in the technical fields by issuing specialised diplomas and certifications at the PNS Karsaz and the PNS Bahadur, which consists of the schools of operations, underwater, surface weapons, communications, and the naval police. One more planned under Navy Modernization plans. Continuous efforts are at hand to provide the best available equipment to the Navy despite all economic constraints. In his change-of-command speech, the outgoing CNS outlined the service’s modernization plans for 2030 across its surface, sub-surface, and aviation domains. The Griffon 2000TD hovercraft of the Pakistan Marines in Karachi in 2006. [26]:50–51 Support from the army and air force to the navy led to the establishment of logistics and maintenance machinery with vigorous efforts directed towards integrating the navy presence in East Pakistan, thereby creating opportunities for people in East Pakistan to participate in the build-up. [61] The War Enquiry Commission noted the lack of strategic communication and the grand strategy between the four-branches of the military during the conflict and wars with India, recommending the establishment of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee to maintain strategic military communication between the inter-services and the federal government, that is to be chaired by the appointed Chairman joint chiefs as the government's principal military adviser. [208], The Navy operates the Fokker F27 Friendship, Breguet Atlantique, Lockheed P-3 Orion, ATR 72, and Hawker 800 as their fixed-wing aircraft inventory. [26]:63 In 1966–69, there were series of unsuccessful talks of acquiring the warships from the Soviet Navy which ended with no yielding results. [84], Its deployment in the War on terror also included their actions in the War in Afghanistan when the Navy's special forces were deployed to take participation in the Operations: Black Thunderstorm, Rah-i-Nijat, Mehran, and the Help. It now stands proud at Pakistan Maritime Museum Karachi as a symbol of courage and victory. [24] In 1954, several efforts were made to procure a Ch-class submarine from the Royal Navy but was rejected by British Admiralty which agreed to loan the Ch-class destroyer, HMS Chivalrous, which was renamed PNS Taimur. PNS Tabuk, a corvette of about 2,300 tonnes, was commissioned on November 12 and left for Karachi, Pakistan’s only major port from Port Constanta in Romania. [3]:73, The each and appointed Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff head or commander of their respected branch directly reports to the Vice Chief of the Naval Staff (VCNS) at the Navy NHQ in Islamabad of their respected command. A fleet of more than 50 vessels, including 20 major ships, was envisioned to improve the capabilities of the Navy, the report quoted him as saying. On 1st June 2018, Pakistan Navy ordered four Type 054As. A statement from the … [110] Each branch in the navy offers specialisation and officers interested in joining the particular service have to pass aptitude tests before attending the specialised school that usually last for two to three years, in which the officer is able to attain a college degree.[110]. [130], Promotion in the Navy from the enlistment to officers ranks are much quicker than the army or the air force, as the Department of Navy offers financial aid to those enlisted personnel successful in their profession to attend the colleges and universities. [145]:8–9, Besides, the platform provided at the NDU in Islamabad represents a radical shift from the emphasis on operational and staff functions and the level of ranks are imposed as qualification to attend the master's program at the NDU, usually brigadiers, air commodores, and commodores, are invited to given admission in broad range of strategic, political, social, and economic factors as these factors affects the country's national security. [8], According to the various admissions and estimations provided by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Pakistan Navy's combined strength of the standing navy is ~46,500 personnel including the active duty personnel, Navy Reserves, Marines Corps, the Maritime Security Agency (MSA), and the 2,000 personnel from the naval-side of the Coast Guards– the branch within the Pakistan Army. [103] From 1996–2000, the Navy was a major sponsor of the Bahria Town– the real estate enterprise– and reportedly received market shares for the use of its name in commercial building projects. Contract for two Corvettes for Pakistan Navy was signed between Ministry of Defence Production Pakistan and M/s DAMEN, Romania. Multipurpose and highly adaptive ship is equipped with electronic warfare, anti-ship and anti-air weapons [70], In 2003–04, there were several proposals made for acquiring the vintage aircraft carriers but the Navy itself had dismissed the idea since the country has not aspired to have an aircraft capability. [145]:8–9, Established in 1991, the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) has now absorbed and amalgamated the existing naval engineering college, and is a counterpart institution in science and technology to that of the National Defense University (NDU) in Islamabad. 8 frigates in active service till 2020. [26]:63 Pleas for strengthening the Navy in East Pakistan were ignored due to monetary issues and financial constraints restricted the Navy's capabilities to function more efficiently. [198] Together with the Munsif-class minehunters and the replenishment oil tankers, these classes of ships are commissioned and complemented in the 9th Auxiliary Squadron. [80]:79 In 2002–03, the Pakistan Navy deployment took place in the Indian Ocean, participating in the naval drills to combat terrorism from seaborne platforms, and eventually entered in defence negotiations with China for acquiring the technology to designing and building the guided missile frigates— the F-22P guided missile frigates were eventually built it in 2006–15. [60] In a thesis written by Dr. P. I. Cheema in 2002, Ayub Khan, who had enjoyed considerable influence on Pakistan's national politicians, did not fully understood the Navy as a military service or neither comprehend the importance of safeguarding the sea lines of communication, which prevented the development of the Navy as a potent force as it should have in 1970s. [26]:65, By 1971, the Navy NHQ staffers and their commanders knew very well that the Pakistan Navy was poorly represented in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and there was no main infrastructure to conduct defensive operation against the Eastern Naval Command of Indian Navy in Bay of Bengal. Later, the Naval Chief urged the officers and men of PNS TABUK to make full use of the combat potential of this modern warship in guarding the maritime interest of motherland. [12], Its primary objective is to ensure the defence of the sea lines of communication of Pakistan and safeguarding Pakistan's maritime interests by executing national policies through the exercise of military effect, diplomatic and humanitarian activities in support of these objectives. List of active Pakistan Navy ships is a list of ships, submarines, and other watercraft currently in service with the Pakistan Navy and PMSA. Image courtesy of Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited", "PM to attend launching ceremony of PN Fleet Tanker in Karachi on Friday", "Pakistan Navy commissions dredging vessel | Jane's 360", "Surface-to-air missiles tested by Pak navy", "Pakistan Navy's shelling of Dwarka in 1965 War", "Navy conducts successful test of Harbah cruise missile", "Pak Navy successfully test-fires anti-ship missile Zarb", "Pakistan conducts anti-ship missile test", International Business Publications USA, IBP, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Bahria University Medical and Dental College, Jordan-Palestine Liberation Organization conflict, Foreign deployments of the Pakistan Armed Forces, Defense Science and Technology Organization. Oversees the deployments of Marine detachment and operations of the War College in Punjab, This Command oversees the training deployment of the Pakistan Navy Fleet, Directs the Navy's combat units in Western Pakistan and reports to COMCOAST, Directs the Navy's combat units in Northern Pakistan and reports to DCNS-A, Directs the Naval Aviation Command but reporting directly to COMPAK, Directs the Naval Depots Command to oversee all the naval supplies and materials being stored and distributed in the Pakistan Navy and reporting directly to COMLOG, Directs the Submarine Command but reporting directly to COMPAK, The Pakistan Marines dressed in operational camouflage uniforms, during training with, The Pakistan Navy's enlisted personnel at the. 4 Jinnah class frigates will join PN in 2024. Currently active military equipment by country, "Sword / F-22P Class Frigates – Naval Technology", "Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited", "Steel cutting ceremony for two Type 054A/P frigates in China built for Pakistan Navy", "Pakistan getting US missile frigate for free? [26]:185 The embargo seriously impaired the Navy's operational scope and paralysed its ability to operate in the Indian Ocean, since the Navy's fleet was composed of entirely the former U.S.-built warships. [191], The Navy has six replenishment oil tankers, three minehunters, and four Griffon 2000TD hovercraft for the amphibious warfare. [35], With the promulgation of the Constitution of Pakistan that established the republicanism featuring the federalised government, the prefix Royal was dropped, and the service was re-designated the Pakistan Navy ("PN") with the Jack replaced the Queen's colour and the White Ensign respectively in 1956. [109] Each command is headed by a senior flag officer who usually holds a ranks of three-star rank: Vice-Admiral and two-star rank: Rear-Admiral. In addition, the Navy awarded the contract for another two multi-purpose corvettes from Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyards. Sources: Professional Branch of Pakistan Navy. [38], On the night of 7/8 September, a naval squadron comprising four destroyers, one frigate, one cruiser, and one submarine, under the command of Commodore S. M. Anwar, launched artillery operation— an attack on the radar facilities used by the Indian Air Force in the small coastal town of Dwarka. This was done due to the Zia administration's co-operation with the Reagan administration against the Soviet Union's invasion in Afghanistan. [42], Furthermore, the defections from Navy's Bengali officers and sailors had jeopardise the Navy's operational scope who went onto join the Awami League's militant wing, the Mukti Bahini in a program known as Jackpot. [7] The PNS Zafar serves as the major logistics naval base for the Pakistani military's operational capability in the western and northern Pakistan, followed by the naval forward operating base constructed at the vicinity of the Naval War College in Lahore.