Studio Nova Interiors is a full-service, luxury interior design firm based in Miami but with. The compact 390-square-foot of this apartment can host all the rudimentary zones of a home – sleeping, kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining zone and so on, thanks to the latest evolution of MKCA’s research on micro-housing. Our experience leads us to believe that the compact living is a global trend that in the feature will become stronger. The designers of this contemporary project – a stylish home located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia had searched its inspiration in modern minimalism but also in the funny word of Mighty Mouse. I'm also an interior design junkie, accessories aficionado & creative artist. For some may be controversial, but in this case becomes a fact – using dark gray and black colors won’t make the small space appear smaller, but quite the opposite it will give it a dynamic and splendorous touch. When dealing with limited space options, one must get very creative, so a  multifunctional space divider that rotates and can bring the TV into your “living room” or “bedroom” premises is a useful knack. A playful design touch is the Olympic rings installation for working out. The airy elegance and dynamic modern hint of the black metal – clear glass doors compo introduces flexibility in the small apartment’s interior design. The old beams become an artistic bookshelf, a transparent and symbolic (essential qualities when you deal with restricted and dark space) separation between the night and day zones, and on top of this a main focal accent of the interior composition. In the case of this design the bed can be entirely hidden under the platform and to free the floor for other activities. Design Research Studio is an architectural interior design practice specializing in high concept interiors, large scale installations and architectural design. The play with the light has an almost magical effect on the ambiance, so in the case, with this artistic Parisian creation, the illumination project that reflects upon the bright whiteness -the different color hues of the light play the role of space division. The mezzanine level provides a sleeping area with a working niche beneath it: clever, functional and stylish composition;   the white mesh that wraps around the upper level to form a barrier for safety and privacy gives a certain aerial feel to the design. Interior Design. รับทำ 3D Perspective และ งานออกแบบ,Interior design Project/ Shop / Kiosk / Exhibition / booth สนใจสอบถามราคา Inbox เข้าทางเพจได้เลยครับ Like is the case with the ingenious design of this Madrid apartment the designers had created a dynamic and playful three-level space in the long and narrow dwelling. The unusual usage of space aiming to increase the storage opportunities exploring the height diapason behind the sofa- is also applicable in other compositions, with deck or bed for example. Located in the Houston, Texas area. We create interiors that are both beautiful and functional, meticulous in detail and able to promote the feelings of being at the right place. Besides. Entwining dark colors, brick walls, and metal constructs the designers created a conceptual loft for an active lifestyle. Stylish, bright and just a little bit fun. Construye tu negocio de interiorismo Kabrera Studio Nuestros Servicios . Together with the contemporary lighting scheme this designer’s knack forms an integral design object that adorns the space above the dining table, economize space and gives additional character to the decor composition. The fact that the bed cube is on wells means that it can be moved around according to your mood or social situation. Shine Studio is a collaborative effort between designers Stacey Breezeel and Natalie Biles. Graham Hill and his company, LifeEdited are specialized into creating smart and elegant solutions for ultra-livable micro-apartments. Creating custom made movable bookshelf unit that slides to uncover either the bed or the working corner the designer provided smart and trendy furniture solution for small premises. Locating the entry foyer, storage, equipment, washing and sleeping zones behind full height, wall-to-wall sliding doors the designer freed the rest of the premises giving them empty, minimalistic and spacious emanation with slightly industrial presence – thanks to the smooth concrete floors. This fantastic and almost surreal project of Gary Chang located in Hong Kong is presenting us with the unbelievable transformation of a 344-square-foot space into over 24 different rooms project using movable walls, stairs, and furniture. stands for Name and why we pick JD Designs ( JD= Justin & Dawn plus Dawn Marie's favourite Whiskey) Design will Dawn Marie has been in the Interior Design industry seen she was a kid dad was a contractor back in the 80's '90s. Elevating the bathroom on the second level of this small apartment in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian architect Alan Chu archived fey essential tasks: open free space in the living room and allowed a beautiful sculptural staircase from black metal to lead the way to the bedroom and bathroom spaces. Karla Cabrera. This dramatic space composition in the restoration project of an old small apartment by Tatyana Bobyleva is achieved through the dynamic contrasts in the materials palette, the textural and color combinations. So here you can take a peak together with us to see how professional designers and renowned architects are tackling this difficult task. Kabrera Studio. Spacejoy is an online interior design studio. The latest work of Me2architects studio is this charming small apartment in a former industrial district that preserves its heritage under the original and stylish read of contemporary design. The rest of the long narrow space is designed with light, almost airy furniture pieces that blend their whiteness with the rest of the minimalistic stylistics of the space. When it comes to small spaces design the combination of multiple different textures and materials is difficult – because the visual impact between them is strengthened by their proximity. One of the first things that come to mind when confronted with limited living space is where to put all my stuff? The fresh and artistic design of this tiny apartment will guarantee comfortable living space for more than one person – with its light emanation and multiple sitting zones, and chill-out niches, unique space design offers many opportunities for relaxation and privet quiet space. Creating beautiful spaces since 2007. Sign Up for a Live Demo Home About Services Portfolio Blog … Use code: CHEER20, Holiday season sale. The dynamic design of this Parisian mini-apartment hides different functional levels and multiple materials and colors combinations. Renovating this 269 square-foot Parisian pad the Swan Architectes searched for light and space, so reducing the separation wall to its bare structure is quite a smart move. This high-tech, dynamic solution is up to free a lot of space for modern urban dwellings. RIBA registered architectural and interior design practice from central London. Studio Designer selects best quality fitting materials, elements of decor that will harmoniously fit into the interior. The design of this small apartment created by McCRUM offers smart solutions, but composing a bookshelf unit that separates the functional zoning of the place and introducing a rotating bit that enables the TV to be watched both from the sofa and the bed is a very functional approach. Lalique Interior Design Studio allie l’excellence du savoir-faire cristallier à une dynamique créative et technique, expression d’un luxe renouvelé. Such clever insertions like the central volume, clad with wood veneer that hosts the bedroom space. The architects Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet collaborated to turn this apartment piece into independent living space. Bringing considered, elegant and contemporary interiors into Scottish homes. The whiteness of the interior palette is also a good approach towards the windowless space the luminosity of the all-white interior has only a few colorful accents: the wooden box, the cerulean blue rug, and a few terracotta details. This cute Loft Space in Camden, London is created by Craft Design and aims to secure a bespoke and innovative environment, flexible to the requirements of modern life. Choosing to work with an Interior Designer can be extremely beneficial because of the direct relationship between an environment and its inhabitants. Here the usual for small apartment’s staircase structures leading to the mezzanine level are custom made from black metal with elegant, minimalist and modern feel. This 29sqm flat in Poland is designed by the 3XA studio and features fresh, artistic atmosphere that entwines the luminous white bases (including the original brick walls painted in white) the gorgeous texture of the restored wooden floors with some modern additions from recycled wood and tile compositions. Our Interior Designers take on the responsibility of creating environments that enhance the beauty and functionality of our client’s interior spaces. Makers of Amazing Spaces. 0. The mezzanine level of the apartment is used to its full scale: a staircase leads to a bed platform, bookshelves and storage compartments adorn the walls, and even a micro-working desk that can be used by a person sitting cross-legged on the floor completes the playful design arrangement. Redefining the bedroom objectification as the archetype of privacy and intimacy this ingenious architectural construct becomes an object of curiosity by transforming its symbolic status – situated it in the center as a suspended sculptural element and art piece. This unique solution and the artistic vision behind the extra structure becomes a memorable decorative element of the design composition instead of heavy addition. The architect Rick Joy had composed quite an elegant decor for this minimalist yet warm studio apartment. 6 talking about this. In this home, the bedroom is hidden behind solid sliding doors disguised as wooden panels. ACERCA DE Nosotros. Collaborate with Appello for creating theme-based designs and make fitness a fun regime for your users! Elevating the platform of the kitchen zone and adding multiple intriguing shaped shelves, gives a unique atmosphere to the design, but also becomes a smart space-saving approach. In this manner, the designers are not only utilizing a space that is rarely used but also introduce the charming possibility of wakening up in a luminous and sunny environment. The classic combination of smooth white surfaces and base, with black framing and wooden accents, is always fresh. 13500 Sutton Park Drive South Suite #101 Jacksonville, Florida 32224 (904) 821-8894 phone (904) 821-8895 fax. Decided in trendy dark colors the elegant and functional unit can be a “must have” option for any small space dweller. Distinctive Design Studio is a full-service interior design resource. The contemporary home of the two sisters presents a cozy, clean and intriguing atmosphere. French architect Paul Coudamy had fined an intelligent and stylish solution of how to utilize the restrained space of 23m2 of this Parisian apartment. Thanks to this approach the mini-apartment feels spacious and light. You can use their ideas and unconventional approaches when you design your studio apartment – an excellent way to discover how successfully to make the most of every inch of space so in the end to have a tiny, modern, and clever home. At any point in the design process, if you're unhappy with our service, we'll refund your money, You're secured by AES 256-bit encryption. Using its signature colors in red, yellow and black the apartment aspires – much like the small mouse to punch well above its size. Hz. Studio Yugen’s aesthetic is inspired by international travel, collaboration and a love for good design. Dynamic details jazz up the atmosphere, a structural cube that sustains the mezzanine bedroom visually separates the kitchen, dining zone from the cozy living room niche. Cute, artistic and fresh this project of Skica Studio, located in Sofia, Bulgaria makes the most of its 55sq.m. This light (bought as colors and space illumination characteristics) project of ICOSA in collaboration with Peter Suen, is located in the heart of San Francisco and offers a youthful, dynamic and contemporary solution for the space problems. Creative studio for interior design and interior architecture based in the heart of Amsterdam. Generous in size and texture the reclaimed wood table (strong focal point) makes the dining corner suitable for the lifestyle of the owners it can host many guest and friends. This dynamic composition for modern small home is located in London and offers charming focal accent of a suspended bed above active working area ( with trendy furniture pieces). 21 talking about this. Creative design studio. Nous avons fait appel à MHG Interior Design Studio pour nous accompagner dans le relooking de notre appartement. Attractive and welcoming living premises that combine vintage charm whit contemporary artistic touch elements are hosting the unusual design solution to place the bed under the window and separate it with airy curtains. We created this complete list of 50 small studio apartment design ideas because we wanted to inspire and encourage the owners of such places to use their imagination and creativity and to search for unconventional solutions. Sign up and work 1:1 with our design experts to transform your home. m studio m interior design is a national award winning design studio specializing in all facets of residential interiors, implementing functionality and visually pleasing characteristics into every project. The Sydney based architect Nicholas Gurney had its finger on the problem: through the vast majority of the day one does not use the space in front of the entrance door – so why not turned into something else. This light and clear-lined design project belongs to the Taiwanese studio A Little Design and optimizes a 22-meter-square micro apartment to serve every need of its occupants. Expanding the living space vertically rather than horizontally, introducing the white frames of floor and walls, the design anchors the terrace-evolvement of the dark details. Here, again, the double size bed turns into a functional sofa when partially hidden beneath the elevated kitchen floor. This is the approach of the polish designer: minimum space for kitchen usage and functional distribution of elegant design touches. Do you like comfort? Here we have a fluid environment with versatile pieces like a modular sofa and expanding a coffee table that not only have multiple functions and position but are also stylish. Interior Design Services, Home styling and E-Design Services. This mini sofa solution -with its colorful upholstery on walls, pillows, and back is much intoned with the rest of the serine design for the tiny home. an excellent reputation for perfection and impeccable service. The sliding panels that offer privacy to the bed space and the full-height closet on the side complete the picture of this modern and smart design. The neutral palette incorporates pops of blue to brighten the space. The casually spread gray and white spots help keep the balance. 423 3.1k — Interior MUA. Based in London and under the creative direction of internationally renowned designer Tom Dixon, the team realises a full and developed narrative to each project; whether in retail, hospitality or corporate interiors. Fb. The ess If space permits it the design of the living quarters can include more than the traditional for micro-apartment – two levels. The three zones of the apartment include bedroom, bath, and kitchen. Redefine Tu Espacio. Ze Haus Interior Design Studio | I am Kenzie, the Creative Director and Founder of Ze Haus Interior Design Studio. Ig. Undertaking the challenge of renovating this tiny Milanese apartment and giving it a youthful and functional atmosphere that it will turn its 28 sq.m into a comfortable modern-day dwelling the designers from studio WOK had searched for inspiration in the clear presence of the light wood. Nepal’s Premiere Interior Architecture Agency We Evolve Your Design to Next Level We at Evolve understand the constantly evolving language of design. Whether it’s an individual room, an entire residence, or a commercial building, we work closely with our clients to understand their taste and functional needs. If one does not spend long hours cooking in the kitchen one does not need a big one. The staircase is with simple almost delicate and airy presence and allows the premises restrained volume not to be crushed. Using light wood, white surfaces and glass partitions the space composition is luminous and appears big. With us not only you will realize the true realization of your design dream but Evolve out with fresh ideas and a whole new outlook read more OUR PROJECTS DESIGNED | CREATED | […] Once all the elements are folded and stored in this “large closet” implementing the concept of The Swiss Army Knife: simple and elegant, compact and multifunctional at the same time; the unit room composition takes only a small part of the apartment space. At ebstudio, we like to think of ourselves as story writers; every interior should different and tell its own unique story. © 2020 Neo Design Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nous recommandons vivement ! This tiny home is only 13 square meters but thanks to the designers form Studiomama it offers a full-scale home experience. The usage of yellow mirrors and illuminators defects the light spectrum in a whole another dimension and creates the sensation of the surrealistic and enchanting world. Studio Interiors is a full-service Boise interior design firm that creates lasting, flexible interiors spaces for clients in the Treasure Valley and Idaho. This composition of dualism has an almost mystical visual impact with its rich accents and details. Our courses follow a flexible in studio approach to learning which nurtures & develops creativity. Often the small studio apartments are located on the last floor or the attic and the problem with sloping ceiling or A -frame can occur. Studio M Interior Design. The Designers’ Studio offers short courses in Interior Design and Programming. Quality First - The devil is in the detail. Somos KABRERA STUDIO, formadores en habilidades de diseño de interiores, trabajamos con marcas globales líderes en su sector de mercado y reconocidas por crear valor a sus clientes, como Ikea Dominicana. STUDIO HOYNA. INT2 architecture. Now it offers a tidy and stylish solution that hosts a platform with a queen-size bed, an internal space for storage or a workspace underneath and can save a lot of space and offer contemporary design solution for many space-challenged studio apartments. And in the future, this tendency will increase the number of people and it will decrease inhabitable space so that the dwellings will become smaller and smaller. The designer of this 258-square-foot studio used reflective surfaces, bold dark colors and shining metal accents to create visually dramatic impact and sophisticated atmosphere. Transforming a ground-floor space of a 17th century Parisian townhouse into a studio apartment, the designers from Anne Rolland Architecte had preserved the original limestone masonry but added trendy plywood material structures like the multi-purpose closet furniture and the Graphic-patterned tiles that give a playful nod to the old-style Parisian bars. Creating a room within a room the designer Nils Holger Moormann searched to optimize the living arrangements in modern micro-apartments. Interior Design. Here we have a magnificent ingenious solution by Batiik Studio an elevated bed that gives the necessary space beneath the stairs to create cabinets and provide storage. We fashion interiors to capture unique lifestyles while providing quality service to meet the needs of every client. Some of our reputable projects include residential, villa, commercial, hospitality, restaurant and tenant improvements. The alternation of smooth green surfaces, cement floors, black metal details and trendy furniture with the warmer presence of the exposed red bricks and soft textiles is an intriguing and rich solution for a confined space. space. Use code: CHEER20. As it happens some of the most ingenious solutions are evoked form personal experience or need. Interior design studio specializing in retail, restaurants, work and educational spaces, and also in ephemeral architecture (stands and pop-up stores). Its cozy and stylish decor includes some very clever architectural solutions to extend the sensation of space- the light colors scheme, the movable furniture unites and multitasking of purpose are just some of them. Do you want a modern interior design? The structures that host the closed and wardrobes not only give fresh and smooth design expression with their light and trendy plywood surfaces but also offer clever and functional solutions to the space issue. Their heart for others and love of interior design is their springing point for this joint venture. Here the owner moves between living and working spaces like a character in a computer game – using ladders and stairs that connect platforms in a non-lineal path. Enjoy being home for the holidays. Its front wall is decided as a wooden decoration with geometrical pattern and lights modern expression.